Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yesterday I rooted my Nexus 5 running stock lollipop. I bought this phone about 3 weeks ago. Lollipop was supposed to improve power consumption of Android devices but the results I acheived were quite opposite of what Google has been claiming. I barely got 3 hours of SOT & I was facing mic issue as well, which means people at the other end couldn't hear my voice clearly & sometimes my voice was gone completely (during important calls offcourse). I knew it could be fixed by rooting the device & modifying the OS to my liking. So far the results & my findings are not that impressive after rooting & modifying the OS.

I flashed ElementalX kernel with stock settings except I undervolted the CPU to 750 mV. I greenified the culprit apps & started to expect at least 5 hours SOT. However the results were quite below my expectations. I couldn't get more then 4 hours SOT with the following settings & usage patterns.

  • Brightness ~25%
  • Calls = none
  • Gaming = light
  • Music = Medium to heavy use (using earphones)
  • Facebook = medium use
  • Baccon Reader (reddit) = medium use.
  • Chrome = Light use
  • Messaging = none
Considering these settings I could have easily acheived more then 5 hours of SOT but I couldn't come even close to that. This clearly indicates that Google needs to fix its latest OS & these battery draining issues. No matter how much we modify kernel or undervolt the CPU at the end of the day rogue apps & processes will still suck the life out of our precious batteries.

I am still looking for ways to get higher numbers of SOT. If you guys have achieved better results, feel free to share them in the comment section.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Android wear is cool but it lacks a few major things. There is no way you can switch between opened apps & easy, intuitive way to launch the apps. Swipify is designed to allow you to easily switch between recent apps & launch apps.

Swipify provides an intuitive recent app switcher & a unified launcher like the one you are used to use on your phones .

To switch between recent apps, swipe from the right edge of the screen & to open the launcher, swipe from the left edge of the screen.

There is also a quick settings option in the launcher which lets you easily change the brightness of the screen & see the battery level of your smart watch.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Being an Android enthusiast, I have written several apps. I had written a utility app to fulfil my need for making navigation through out Android OS easier. The app works just like a launcher. To my surprise this app made me unearth a pretty nifty UI design flaw hidden in a very fragile/dangerous place, the lock screen.

Android allows you to make a call to the emergency numbers in case you can't access or get past the lock screen in dire times. However this accessibility is the culprit for the security flaw in the OS.

Messaging app, A game & browser on the lock screen

Using my launcher, I could access the apps, data & other information on the phone. This can turn into pretty treacherous situation if your phone some how lands in the hands of some perpetrator. The good news is the solution for this flaw is pretty easy & it may already get fixed in the next version of Android.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DocSeek's Splash Screen


Slide Menu provides to different parts of the application.

Search Screen

The screen where user can put their query for searching doctors/hospitals. This screen also shows the name of the city/district you are currently in.

Predictive suggestions for making searching faster & reducing spelling mistakes

 Search Results

Results retrieved for dentists. The results are sorted based on the distance in ascending order. So the nearest doctor will be on top of the list & the farthest one will be at the bottom of the list

 Doctor Info & Reviews

Detailed information about the selected doctor. This screen provides the cumulative/avg. rating & patients reviews about the doctor. The user can also SMS the doctor's info to their friends & family by tapping on the message button on ActionBar

Rate & Comment On Doctors

 Doctor's Location On Map

Map showing  route to the selected doctor.

Slide menu for accessing different parts of the app.


Doctor & Users Login

Bookmarked Doctors (can be accessed OFFLINE)

Bookmarked doctors. This screen shows the doctors the user has saved (with the click of a button) for offline access. Each bookmarked doctor's name, place of work & contact number is provided here.

 About DocSeek

About DocSeek


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